Stoke Lodge Primary School

Year 6 - Columbia

Welcome to Columbia Class

Our teachers are:

  • Mrs Hughes
  • Mrs Lovell/Mrs Dent (SEN Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Peregreen/Ms Mosley (SEN Teaching Assistant)

Welcome to Columbia Class!

Welcome to Colombia Class. I am looking forward to an exciting Year 6 year. We have so many different themes and areas of learning that we will be focusing on from the ancient civilisations of the Maya and the Shang Dynasty to the human circulatory system, World War 2 and of course studying the amazing country of Colombia. I am looking forward to all the different subjects but I particularly love English and you will have the opportunity to read and write many different and awe-inspiring texts. I know you will enjoy being scientists, historians, geographers…and so much more.

We are so excited to embark on our journey of curiosity with you all this year in our themes this academic year as part of our Curious Curriculum.

Term 1

Term 2 & 3 Term 4 & 5

Term 6

The Whole World In Our Hands Exploration Bravery

People, Places and Me

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