Stoke Lodge Primary School

Year 4 - Sweden

Welcome to Sweden Class

Our teacher is:

  • Miss Bradley
  • Mr Price (SEN Teaching Assistant)

Welcome to Sweden Class!

Welcome to Sweden class! I am really looking forward to the year ahead with Year 4. I love to learn and am a passionate reader. I am always reading outside of school and love exploring different authors and stories. I also enjoy walks with my dog and discovering new places.

Throughout the year, we will develop skills to become lots of different types of people. Firstly, we will become geographers and explore maps, parts of the world and how our Earth works. Next, we will become Historians as we explore the time where Vikings and Anglo-Saxons lived in Great Britain. Alongside our history topic we will be building on our DT skills as designers. After that, we will become scientists as we explore animals, their habitats and how they live. We will also become artists and form 3D art based on a study of an artist. Finally, we will finish our science journey as we explore sound.

We are so excited to embark on our journey of curiosity with you all this year in our themes this academic year as part of our Curious Curriculum.

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Our Blue Planet Civilisations Flora and Fauna

Natural Phenomena

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