Stoke Lodge Primary School

The School Day

Key Stage 1

Morning session:   8.40am-12.15pm

Afternoon session:  1.15pm-3.15pm

Key Stage 2

Morning session:   8.40am-12.15pm

Afternoon session:  1.15pm-3.20pm


At Stoke Lodge we try our best to be a happy school. We pride ourselves on the nurture we provide and strong relationships with our pupils and local community. Each morning members of the Leadership Team are out on the playgrounds to welcome our families. Pupils are asked to arrive promptly at their start time where they are greeted into school through exterior classroom doors with either:

  • A handshake
  • A hug
  • Fist bump
  • High fives

…And of course a smiley ‘good morning’ from our staff as part of our Handshake Gang!

At the end of the day our Leadership Team and class teachers will dismiss pupils and be on hand to check-in or catch-up with parents and carers.