Stoke Lodge Primary School

Vision & Values

Our Vision

Stoke Lodge is a dynamic and inspiring school with big ambitions!

We believe that all children can achieve excellence and that a quality primary education enables pupils to believe in themselves, achieve beyond their expectations and develop the skills needed to succeed and enjoy life.

At Stoke Lodge we believe that learners’ spiritual, emotional and cultural, health and well-being are as important as their academic achievements. We pride ourselves on the wide range of curriculum opportunities and approaches that we employ in order to ensure our learners STAY CURIOUS, are prepared for the next phase of their educational career and for life in general.

Our Purpose and Aims

On our journey to ‘Stand Out’ we aspire to be:

  • Recognised as a centre of excellence and nurture for our learners
  • Independent, strongly led and self-improving
  • An integral part of our local community and valued as such
  • Team players, working collaboratively with other schools in the Trust and beyond
  • Successful at engaging with parents and carers to support learner progress, well-being and achievement
  • Providing enriching opportunities for our pupils beyond their own school, through collaboration

We aim to develop our Core Values, to promote respect and the skills for life-long learning.

Our Core Values

At Stoke Lodge we believe the most effective way to support our learners is to develop in them a love of learning and a deep understanding of how they learn. We use our Gem Powers to help us be the best we can be!


We show Emerald Power by taking risks in our learning, knowing that we learn from mistakes.


Asking higher order questions and thinking about challenges in a different way to overcome barriers will help you shine with Topaz Power.


By staying focused and ignoring ‘monster’ distractions we can challenge ourselves to achieve excellence with Sapphire Power.


Ruby Power is achieved by being positive about yourself and others; smiling, reflecting and celebrating achievements.


Diamond Power is gained by taking responsibility for solving your own problems and taking ownership of your learning.


We sparkle with Amethyst Power when we play an active role and respect other viewpoints in a team.

In order to develop our pupils’ understanding of these specific values and skills required to be successful learners, we focus on one gem power each term (‘Gem of the Term’). All worship/assemblies centre round this value each term, including our whole school Celebration Assemblies and end of term Learning Champion Celebrations.