Stoke Lodge Primary School

Sports Grant Funding

Sport and Physical Education

At Stoke Lodge Primary School, we strongly believe in the importance of physical activity, through the form of a range of structured physical education and guided play opportunities. Our PE curriculum encourages all pupils to be physically active, improving their physical literacy and fundamental movement skills. We want to provide a lasting, sustainable and positive affect on PE and Sport within school and our community.

With the rise in childhood obesity and increase in emotional and behavioural mental health disorders, it is essential that we support our pupils to engage in physical activity. Being physically active can nurture positive mental wellbeing, reduce anxiety and stress, increase self – confidence and concentration as well as increase physical wellbeing. We want our pupils to grow into happy, healthy adults maintaining a lifelong love of physical activity.

At Stoke Lodge, pupils will be offered 2 hours of PE a week. These lessons will be based upon a fundamental movement curriculum for 1 hour and a variety of seasonal sports for the second hour throughout the academic year.


At Key Stage 1 pupils will have access to a broad range of opportunities to extend their agility, balance, coordination, individually and with others during their PE lessons. Through PE and structured play, children will be creative and imaginative, develop resilience, and build friendships and relationships whilst exploring the world around them. They will begin to build their fundamental skills that will be developed as they progress through the school.

Key Stage 2 pupils will develop a broader range of fundamental movement skills and apply them into a variety of games and sports, competing individually and against others. They will learn how to recognise their own success and how to improve in different physical activities and sports. Pupils will develop resilience, confidence and independence and be encouraged to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Physical Activity

All of our pupils will have access to lunchtime and afterschool sports clubs to encourage them to increase the amount of exercise they do each day to 60 minutes. The range of clubs will increase participation in sport through virtual, inter and intra competition.

We want our pupils to embrace an active lifestyle by also walking, biking and scooting to school. Being physically active helps to promote physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Therefore we have used our Sports and PE Premium Funding to provide;

  • Specialised Professional Development for teachers.
  • Strategic leadership of PE and Sports within schools and across the Trust.
  • A co-ordinated approach to inter and intra school competition.
  • Lunchtime play leader programme and training, that enables all children to be active all lunchtime and participate in a virtual competition across the Trust.
  • Trust-wide galas, sports events and athletic meets.
  • An elite, talent spotting, signposting programme for those young people with particular talent and promise.

To view PE & Sport Premium Strategy and Action Plan click on the link below:

Sports Premium 2023-2024 (with 2022-2023 review)