Stoke Lodge Primary School

We Are Scientists

Why is science important for all learners at Stoke Lodge? Why does it matter?

Scientific discovery begins with a question and it is always relevant – from climate change to medical discoveries and learners will always require an understanding of the physical and biological world around them.

Our science curriculum provides an exciting, stimulating curriculum, enabling personal enjoyment and success. It therefore recognises that all learners have their own curiosities about the world around them and that this world is rapidly changing. We want learners to fall in love with science and to understand that science is not standalone and abstract – it applies through all walks of life. By encouraging them to ask questions, evaluate information, manipulate facts and data and make critical interpretations and make enquiries, we will challenge pre-conceptions and build scientific understanding.

Our Key Learning Intentions

The ‘thinking skills’ that learners acquire apply across all subjects and in the wider world. By building their questioning ability, they will have the confidence to challenge ideas and problem solve throughout life in the same way that scientists have shaped our past and will continue to shape our future – by understanding this, learners can see how they can have an impact on the world. Our learners are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to make evaluative and informed decisions.

Fundamentally science will allow children to recognise their role as a global citizens in an ever changing world, enabling them to distinguish between what is real and encourage them to become critical thinkers.

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