Stoke Lodge Primary School

We Are Musicians

At Stoke Lodge we believe that music is a universal language, which is inclusive and accessible for all.

We aim to develop and inspire all students to be able to perform, compose, listen to, review and evaluate music across a range of genres styles and traditions; through this they develop an understanding and empathy of cultures, context, time and place. They will develop transferable skills such as collaboration, presentation, independence, concentration, and nurturing working memory both in the classroom and beyond.

We aim to do this in a practical and engaging way, with every student having opportunities to perform, use technology and listen to recorded and live music.  Through our music curriculum, all pupils will be given a platform to express their creativity and individuality, whilst supporting their confidence, well-being and mindfulness through an expressive output.

We aim for all students to appreciate and understand the importance of music whilst broadening their horizons.

To achieve this, we celebrate Composer of the Term linked to our Gem or Core Value of the Term, teaching the National Curriculum Objectives and Olympus Key Learning Intentions as part of our curriculum themes linked to the Sustainable Development Goals and also using Charanga.


Our Key Learning Intentions

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To support our staff and pupils and quality assure our music curriculum, we use Kapow Primary Music. The scheme supports with planning, resources and professional development for our teaching team to ensure high quality music teaching. It also enables us to track and show full coverage of our Key Learning Intentions (KLIs).

Music Overview Curriculum Map

We Are Performers

At Stoke Lodge we pledge to offer a wealth of opportunity for our pupils to thrive. Our Cultivated Curriculum is designed to enable our pupils to grow by providing experiences such as:

  • Olympus Festival
  • Trust musicals
  • Singing assemblies
  • School choir/Glee Club
  • Visiting theatre
  • School performances

Composer of the Term

In addition to our Curriculum Unleashed challenges and Olympus Pledge, as part of our cultivated curriculum we celebrate a Composer of the Term linked to our Core Values and Gem Powers of the term. By exposing our pupils to a range of musical genres and styles, we hope to inspire our pupils so that they leave our school being able to talk about inspirational composers and performers and their work.

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