Stoke Lodge Primary School

We Are Linguists

At Stoke Lodge we hope to promote confidence, curiosity and enjoyment in learning French.

We do this by developing learners’ ability to communicate in both spoken and written French for practical purposes and for fun. We aim to enable learners to speak and write French with increasing confidence, demonstrating substantial progress across Key Stage 2.

Our aim is also to develop and foster an understanding and appreciation of French-speaking cultures and their similarities and differences to our own by looking at authentic texts and listening to authentic songs, stories and rhymes.

In addition, we want to equip all learners with language learning strategies, including using a bi-lingual dictionary, strategies for memorisation and retrieval and using context and prior knowledge to aid comprehension, all of which will provide a foundation for learning further languages at secondary school.

We believe that learning a language enables learners to express their ideas and thoughts in different ways and deepens knowledge and understanding of other countries and cultures. French is widely spoken throughout the world by many different cultures and studying French gives learners an opportunity to make links between other languages and cultures and their own. In an increasingly global society, being able to communicate in more than one language will benefit all learners and will widen their opportunities by equipping them to study and work in other countries in the future.

In addition our teachers are mindful that this is an area of the curriculum where SEN&D children can experience success.

Our Key Learning Intentions

At Stoke Lodge we use Primary Languages Network as a tool to ensure coverage, progression and also support our team by providing professional development and resources to enable them to deliver a high quality French curriculum. Our French curriculum is taught discretely each term throughout KS2. We are fortunate to be able to celebrate and utilise the expertise of some of our pupils and their families who speak French as a first language and also our secondary colleagues from within the Trust.

Stoke Lodge Primary Curriculum Overview

Primary Languages Network Curriculum Overview