Stoke Lodge Primary School

EYFS - England

Welcome to England Class

Our teachers are:

  • Mrs Conie (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)
  • Mrs Reeves (Thursday and Friday)
  • Miss Orchard (Teaching Assistant)

Welcome to England Class!

We are excited to welcome you to England class and are really looking forward to getting to know you. During the year we will be learning in our amazing classrooms and wonderful school grounds. We are looking forward to seeing your achievements in your first year at school.


Mrs Conie loves exploring outdoors, especially on the beach. She enjoys being creative and making things. She also loves visiting the library with her children and reading books with them.

Mrs Reeves loves spending time with her family and friends. She really enjoys reading and dancing. In her spare time, Mrs Reeves also enjoys drawing, painting and creative arts.

Miss Orchard enjoys spending time with friends and family and her puppy! She really enjoys being outside and learning new things.

We are going to have an amazing first year at school and are so excited to embark on our journey of curiosity with you all this year.


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