Based on the latest list of statutory school policies from the Department for Education (here) click on the links below to access Stoke Lodge school policies.

Please note that several statutory school policies are consistent across the Multi Academy Trust that we are members of - The Olympus Academy Trust. These policies have the Olympus logo at the top for clarity.

Child Protection (Appendix H- Appendix I-Appendix K)

Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum (EYFS)

Allegations of abuse against staff

Supporting pupils with medical conditions

Charging and Remissions


Sex Education (Year 1-Year 2-Year 3-Year 4-Year 5-Year 6)

Special Educational Needs

Data Protection

Health and Safety

Admissions Arrangements - 2018 entry - Admissions form

Accessibility Plan

Complaints Procedure

Freedom of Information

Home-School agreement

Premises management

Equality information and objectives

Staff code of conduct and grievance

 For all non-statutory policies, and our 'Ways of Working' click here.