Stoke Lodge Primary School

Parent Forum

In 2019 we established our Parent Forum as part of our Team SLP Communication Strategy to improve links with our community.

Our Parent Forum is a body which:

  • enables parents to meet, share ideas and feed back to the school
  • gives parents a voice and enables them to contribute to school decision making
  • helps develop a partnership between parents and school
  • consults parents and advises the school leadership and/or governing body of parents’ view

We meet termly with nominated representatives from each year group and community representatives to help make Stoke Lodge STAND OUT! Your representative manages the year group social media page where they post termly, requesting items to be raised. If you do not have access to social media, there are other ways you can pass on your feedback or questions, including: speaking to them at pick-up or drop-off, speaking directly to a member of the Leadership Team or on feedback forms (available at any time).

Last academic year the Parent Forum worked alongside our Junior Leadership Team to develop our Spiritual Garden, fundraising and then volunteering at our Eco Days/Grounds Days.