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Australia Class - Mrs Paske, Miss Rumble and Mrs McFadyen

Japan Class - Miss Fraser, Mrs Bruford and Mrs Turney

Year 6 is a busy year - the children are at the top of the school and are role models for the other year groups. We have a fully packed timetable and are working hard to consolidate and develop our learning ready for SATs in May.

While the children are working very hard in school, any support at home can only help them improve. It is essential that your child reads regularly and talks to you about their books. A list of questions and quality texts can be found here: Questions to ask your child while reading

In addition, learning times tables and other number facts by heart is well worth the time! Below is a list of websites and apps which may support you and your child. Please note that not all of these apps have been tried and tested by staff, it is therefore advised that you make your own judgements when downloading or purchasing any apps from any app store or from an alternative source. It is also worth noting that some apps & games are American, which means they may use slightly different methods to us.

We appreciate that Year 6 can be a difficult and challenging year for many children; if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


What have we been up to.... 

The book that Y6 will be working on for term five is The Viewer by Gary Crew and Shaun Tan. The children will be following the adventures of Tristan and writing their own police report following his disappearance. Using ideas from the book they will then begin to start planning and writing their own adventure story.




Y6 have had a brilliant couple of days completing activities for Sport Relief. On Thursday they ran a mile with Jim Plunkett Cole and on Friday they played rugby with the coaches from Bristol Rugby. After school quite a few of the children stayed to support their teachers who had a game of Tag rugby...some of the children even tried their hand at commentating!








During Term Three, Australia and Japan learnt all about the heart and circulatory system. Their class story was Pig Heart Boy by Marjorie Blackman and the children wrote their own newspaper articles about it as well as writing balanced arguments about xenotransplantation. Pig Heart Boy is about animal transplants, also know as xenografts, and how this is a young boy's only chance of survival when there are no suitable human heart donors available.  

In maths they have been learning about fractions, decimals and percentages as well as revising core maths skills to improve the speed of the children's mental maths. They have also been completing lots of maths tests in preparation for their SAT's.

Our class reading book for Australia and Japan, for term four, is Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick. This is a fantasy novel about a ten year old girl named Zoe. She is left alone in the ruins of Norwich after her parents abandon her before the Island floods.  Zoe escapes to Eels Island where she discovers a sinister society run by a strange boy named Dooby. The children will be learning all about the extreme earth during term four, which is reflected in this book.



On World Book Day Australia class visited Ecuador class to read to them. Ecuador children returned the favour and read their favourite books to Australia class. 




On Wednesday 21st February some pupils from Australia and Japan took part in the Festival of Youth Dance. The children had been working hard for this since October with Miss Wright and Mrs Turney and along with six other schools, enjoyed putting on two dance performances for parents and teachers.




Below are two photos of some students from Australia and Japan classes wearing the colour blue in support of Internet Safety Day.




 Japan class playing 'Fizz Buzz' in maths.

Australia class writing newspaper articles.




Dojo is a reward system that both classes are using to promote good behaviour and the children are having great fun trying to obtain Dojo points. Points are given to children for good behaviour, perseverance, team work, and dedication to their work. Dojo can be accessed by parents at home so that they can see how well their children are doing. The children are rewarded on a regular basis for achieving points.

SATS Information

The Standards and Testing Agency (STA) has produced an information video on KS2 SATs for parents which can be found here: STA KS2 SATs video  

SATS WEEK IS THE WEEK COMMENCING- 14/5/18 Please ensure your Child is in school this week as they are National Tests.

Useful websites


Miss Budd Blog - great blog with loads of resources to support English and Maths

BBC Bitesize - information, videos, games and quizzes for all aspects of the curriculum. 

theschoolrun.com - great website with information, videos and resources for all aspects of primary education.

Woodland’s junior site – lots of links for all areas of the curriculum

CGP - Revision guide publisher with free games & activities .

English websites, apps & resources

VCOP Pyramids - KS2

Writing Tips Mat


  • Collins Big Cat
  • Spelling Test
  • Wordventure
  • Letterverse
  • W.E.L.D.E.R.


Sprintz - Webpage about speedreading with links to apps which can allow children to speedread e-texts.

Lovereading4kids - great website for book recommendations, author information, books reviews and more. If you sign up (for free) you can get the first paragraph of many books to see if you will like it.

Crickweb - a range of English games and activities.

Spellzone - a range of activities and games to practise a range of spelling rules and patterns.

Compare4Kids SPAG - Grammar & Spelling resources

Maths websites, apps and resources





  • Maths Trainer
  • Maths Wiz
  • TellTimeLite
  • Math Zombies
  • King of Maths
  • Quick Maths
  • Maths Zoom


Corbett maths - Maths website with videos, worksheets and other resources. Goes to GCSE level!

Hit the button - maths games to practise core number skills (can be used with all primary age children).

Maths is Fun - great information website for Primary & well beyond – good for adults to refresh themselves too!

IXL - sample questions covering all areas of the Y6 maths curriculum

Multiplication.com - games and resources to support learning x-tables

What's my angle - angles and protractor games (plus links to further resources)