Welcome to Year 5







Term 6 Homework Grid                                                                   Term 6 Spellings

Welcome to Term 6.  This term we are going to  be exploring aspects of flight beginning with the

story of Icarus and looking at the development of flight through the ages.

Our  first book for the term is Skellig - a mysterious tale also linked to flight.



Term 5 Homework Grid                                               Term 5 spelling list     


This term we are studying Ancient Greece.  We will be looking at myths and legends associated with the era, writing our own versions

of Homer's Odyssey and creating stop-frame animations of our favourite myths.

We have learnt the story of the Cyclops and made Greek-style masks to take part in a drama performance.


 To help with our science learning this term we visited 'We The Curious' and

had a great time finding out about materials and how they change as well as looking at the world

through giant bubbles.






Jim Gump visited school on Thursday 22nd March and we were inspired by his stories of his running trips around the world.




We are coming to the end of our space topic and we have finished designing and creating rocket pictures in the style of Peter Thorpe.



......... and we have  been learning about gravity and air resistance.

We designed parachutes to save an egg.


We are going to test them to see whether they will survive a journey from the second floor of the school.


 Thank you to all of you who dressed up on World Book Day.

Even though the day was cut short by the snow, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves reading with some of the younger children.






Thursday 1st of March is World Book Day.

We look forward to seeing the many different characters represented throughout the school.

Don't forget story and hot chocolate between 5pm and 6pm........you'll need your mug!




Homework Term 4

Click on the link below for this term's spelling list.

The focus is on prefixes and how adding a prefix changes the meaning of a word. 


Please click on the link to find the homework grid for this term.  We will send out a paper copy.





This term we are continuing our topic of space reading both Cosmic and Cosmic Disco.


As part of our science and topic work Ghana class were asked to filter water to make it clear in order to survive on a planet they had landed on.  We then discussed the difference between clear water and clean water.



It's taking a long time to filter.                    I think we'll make this work.                    I can't believe it!                                      This is never going to work.


  Relief....we may survive!                  It we all stare at it will it filter more quickly?


In Egypt class we have enjoyed finding out about the Earth, Sun and Moon.

We thought we knew where the sun rises!                                  We used a compass and our knowledge of the way the sun

                                                                                                                           seems to move across the sky to find out

                                                                                                                                                      Which way is East?                                                                                                                                   That way!

We also learnt about the order of the planets from the sun and we had great fun pretending to be the planets and trying to stay in orbit.



We used sky viewers to see how the rotation of the Earth makes it seem as if the Sun moves across the sky.



Last term we made an igloo out of milk containers.



We have now turned it into a.......





Ghana class have been busy retelling part of a persuasive letter on a topic very close to our hearts.


Should teachers be provided with free chocolate in school to make it a happier place?


The children were very animated and some were in favour!  




Year 5

    Oh! What an Adventure!

Welcome to Term 2.  This term we are comparing different settings using these 2 inspiring books.


The children will be learning about the Amazon and Antarctica.

We have already delved into the life of the River Amazon and are becoming experts on the wildlife and the pathway of the river.

We are looking forward to building our own shelters to see if we would survive!






This term we are using our knowledge of tables to  multiply and divide, This includes finding square numbers, cube numbers, prime numbers, factors and prime factors.

Please help your child to learn their tables as this is an essential part of the maths curriculum.