Welcome to Year 4!

The teachers in Year 4 are Miss Saunders and Mr Higginson. Mrs Bell, Mrs Caludi and Mrs Dennis are our teaching assistants.


In Term 6, Year 4, along with the rest of the school, will be learning all about our wonderful city!

We will be focusing on the Geography of our local area, the local produce we have and the products we can make from it. We will also be considering the local art of our area and one particularly famous artist... can you guess who?!


Food Tech- Week 6

This week, we have been learning lots about foods we can produce locally. Having learnt about the seasonality of fruit and vegetables we decided potatoes were something which we can grow well locally. 

With this in mind, we have been researching recipes which we would like to cook in order to make a healthy meal. Before we could make our meal, we explored how we can cook potatoes in different ways and the effect this has on the nutritional content. The children had lots of fun making; mash, wedges, new potatoes and jacket potatoes and learnt all about how adding ingredients such as butter, oil and salt can influence the nutrition.

I wonder whether you could explore some food labels at home together?


This term, the homework grid has seen some fantastic homework projects being sent in. From Vlog's to suspension bridges to graffiti art the children have been working really hard! Here are just a few of the brilliant pieces from Peru class.


Art- Week 4

In Art this week, the children had their own first hand experience of becoming graffiti artists. Having learnt all about Banksy and exploring some of his artwork, we decided it was time we had our own tags... First of all we had to design and draw our own, then we were able to use www.grafitticreator.net to create some authentic versions on the computer. 

Take a look Peru classes tags... can you work out who the artist is?

Sports Week- Week 3

Year 4 have had lots of fun this week taking part in a range of sports, from Tennis to Rugby to Dance to Rounders the children have put their all into a whole range of sports across the week. We have thoroughly enjoyed the chance to play team games with their peers as well as competing against one another during sports day. A great week had by all, well done!


Topic- Week 1

In Topic we have begun to practice our map reading skills; in particular, reading 6 figure grid references on OS Maps and identifying different symbols in the key.




Term 6 Homework grid

Term 6 Spellings


TeRM 5


This term, we have been doing lots of work in Maths linked to geometric shapes. We learnt about quadrilaterals and their properties as well as learning about the different types of triangles. In order to apply this Maths in a different way we looked at the work of an artist names Kadinsky. Kadinsky was one of the founders of a type of art called 'Abstract Geometric Art'. In this style of art, the artists use geometric shapes to create work which represents something from the real world, but doesn't look exactly the same as it!

Take a look at us getting stuck into this type of art work ourselves... the finished pieces were fantastic!






 In Computing this term we have been learning about coding and algorithms. To introduce this concept we became robots for the afternoon and had to follow a list of instructions, as a robot would!  Perhaps you could share what an algorithm is at home?



Week 7- D&T day

What better to way to finish off an awesome topic that with a D&T day? On Friday both Peru and Brazil were met with a design brief and took on their challenge. Peru were busy trying to create the best Roman chariot their tools would allow, whilst Brazil were tasked with creating an amazing catapult to  scare away enemies. With our task firmly in mind both classes worked away in teams using hacksaws and glue guns to create their finished products. 

A huge well done to both classes for using a wide range of skills and working together amazingly to create fantastic finished pieces!



Week 7- Caerleon Roman Fortress

After learning all there is to know about the Romans for the last two terms, we finally had the opportunity to go and see what life was like first hand. On Wednesday of our final week of term we all crossed the bridge into Wales and explored the Roman ruins that are right on our doorstep! Throughout the day children were able to explore the ruins of an amphitheatre, Roman barracks, Roman bath house, whilst also experiencing a workshop about Roman medicine and exploring a museum full of artefacts. A great day had by all to finish off one of the children's favourite topics so this year!



 Week 6- Music

After 10 weeks of hard work the children finally got a chance to show case all they have been learning for their friends and family. Despite having to beat the nerves, the children pulled off a fantastic performance of a range of songs, old and new, and the audience had a great time. Thank you to those who came to join us for the show! 

Week 5- D&T

In D&T today we found out that we are going to be designing and making our own Roman chariots! After being introduced to the gruesome sport, we took part in 3 different activities to help us to get to know more about the product we will be designing and making by:

  1. Research Roman chariots using LearnPads
  2. Using Lego/Mobilo to explore the way you assemble a chariot.
  3. Using Lego/Mobilo to explore different ways in which wheels are designed to move and turn

The children had lots of fun thinking about how to make their designs aerodynamic and loved exploring and learning about wheels and axles. Let's see what designs we come up with next week!



 Week 4- Crazy Creatures!

This week we have been reading Mouse Bird Snake Wolf in English lessons. In this story there are lots of holes in the world from where it was left unfinished and children created creatures to fill the holes. Having read the book, we got told all about a young writers competition in which we have had to create a 'Crazy Creature' of our own and write a short story about it.... but there is a catch, our saga was only allowed to be 100 words long!

The children took the challenge on brilliantly and we will be entering all of their sagas... let's hope one of our Year 4's wins!!




Week 3- Maths

In Maths, we have been learning all about decimals recently, and recently we have been learning about rounding decimals. Today we went around the classroom and measured as many different things as we could to the nearest decimal place, we then rounded each of them to the nearest centimeter. We had lots of fun learning about how to use our maths in an everyday context! I wonder if the children could tell their parents how to round a decimal number now?....


Week 2- World Book Day

We saw all sorts of wonderful book characters entering our doors for this year's world book day. The children had a book filled day and begun 'the big book off challenge' in school taking part in all sorts of book related tasks. We even paired up with Greece class from Year 2 to share a story telling experience. What a fantastic day had by all!

Week 1- Let's Cap Cancer

We are so happy to have Bailey back in school with us and all of the children thoroughly enjoyed their cap day raising money and awareness of childhood cancer. Peru class wore their hats all day, along with Bailey, and now all have their very own #letscapcancer hat to help spread awareness.

At the end of the day, one of the pupils in our class decided she wanted to do something extra special to add to the cause. An extra special mention for a fantastic effort and BRILLIANT origami skills! A huge £36 was made in addition to the day's fund through the sale of origami masterpieces. What a star you are!

A huge thank you to all involved in the organising and fundraising for this event!



Term 4 Homework grid

Term 4 Spellings

Spellzone Games 





Welcome back to Term 3! This term our topic is 'When in Rome' and we will be learning all about the Romans and their way of life.

Reading Challenge Party

Peru class have had the best attendance so far this year to this term's reading challenge party. The children had a brilliant afternoon of games and fun with their friends. It was lovely to see everyone enjoying classic and modern games with their friends- well done to all of the children who met the reading challenge! 

Week 6 Science

Carrying on with our work on sound, today we have been busy making string telephones. Having learnt how sound travels, today we were looking into how sound travels through solids. We carried out two experiments- one using a string telephone and one using a table and using these results worked out how sound travels through solids... and had great fun in the process! 



This term has seen some great homework being brought in by both classes. We have had many children creating amazing Roman Bath houses, writing brilliant reports, making Roman inspired mosaics, researching Roman festivals and lots, lots more. Keep up the fantastic work Year 4!

Week 4- Art

In art we are working towards creating our own mosaics. Having already looked into the borders and how Roman's used borders in their mosaics, today we learnt about the motifs. The children were asked to research Roman mosaics to discover anything they could about motifs. We learnt that often animals, Gods and geometric patterns were the central motif, then using LearnPads created collages of our favourite mosaics for inspiration when we create our own.



Week 3- Science

Having begun learning about sound, the children were asked to complete an episode of 'The science of sound' for the BBC. Each child worked with their friends to decide what they would include to be able to explain to other children how loud and quiet sounds are made. They had great fun preparing their episodes and performed fantastic finished episodes to their class. I wonder how many children can tell their parent about their episode?

Week 1- Science

Sound is topic for science this term and we have begun with a 'Sound Survey' of the school. We visited different parts of the school and listened for different sounds. When we identified the sound we discussed what it was that was making the vibrations.



Week 1- Maths

This week we have begun learning about fractions. In order to get underneath what fractions really mean we created our own fraction walls. We cut out equal strips before folding them in a number of ways and creating different fractions. Once we had labelled our homemade fraction walls we used these to identify equivalent fractions.

Week 1- Topic

To get us into the Roman spirit we have begun to build our very own 'Colosseum corner' where we are transforming our book corner into a Colosseum. We also spent some time researching the Colosseum in order to display some visitor posters inside, and know where we are visiting to read our book! Check back soon when the finished result will be online!




Term 3 Homework grid

Term 3 Spellings 

Spellzone Games 


Term 2


This term our topic is 'Crash, Bang, Wallop'! In Topic we will be learning all about natural disasters and how they occur. In Science we will be learning about states of matter and the water cycle. Along with this we will be carrying out a number of Science experiments and creating a 3D art project across the term. If you have any books at home which you think other children would like to read linked to our topic, please bring them in!

Week 6- Art

This week our volcanoes are beginning to take form. Having created their structure... the children got messy! Using mod-roc they were able to add layers of mod-roc (bandage covered in plaster of Paris) to create a hard volcano shape.

Next stop... paint!


Week 5- Fundraising!

This week, Year 4 hosted a hugely popular cake sale to raise money for Bailey. Hundreds of cakes and biscuits were baked by children all through the school, and the Year 4 parents did a fantastic job of serving all the keen cake eaters!

Overall we raised £414 to buy a present for Bailey. Well done Year 4!


Week 5- Art

This week, we have started our 3D art project for the term. We manipulated newspaper and tin foil in order to create the basic structure for our model volcanoes. Working together, we had to find a way to create a cone shape using our materials and make sure that it all stayed in place... ready for the mod roc! Check back soon to see how our models progress.



Week 4- Computing

This week in computing the children have been creating their own databases. Using the LearnPad's the children logged into an app which allowed them to create their own fields and answer lists. Once they had generated these, they were able to fill in the information for all of their database entries and insert pictures. By the end of the session, all of the children had completed their first ever database!



Week 4- Bristol Rugby

This week the children begun their second year of rugby tuition from the Bristol Rugby coaches. Having braved the cold, the children worked on their 'pocket to rocket' technique for accurate passing and are beginning to develop their skills into small tag rugby games already.

Please can we ask that all children have a winter PE kit in school for these chilly winter rugby sessions!

Week 4- Science

In Year 4 we are learning about 'states of matter' and today we carried out an experiment into gasses. We wanted to know which is the fizziest drink and decided to investigate the amount of carbon dioxide in drinks.

We weighed each drink carefully, then tried our best to get rid of all of the carbon dioxide and make our drink flat.  Once, we had removed the carbon dioxide we compared the weight before and after to see which fizzy drink had the most gas in it. However, we had some very peculiar results. Have a discussion at home about our results, if you like!


Week 3- Topic

As you know, we have been learning about natural disasters this term and in history this week we used primary and secondary sources to learn about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 CE. The children read letters written at the time of the eruption and watched reenactment videos. Having gathered information from the sources they create a Newsround episode which they then performed to their classmates.



Week 2- Topic

On Tuesday in topic we learnt all about what is underneath our feet!

 We watched a video where a Lego man investigated the layers of the earth and learnt that the layer we live on is the smallest layer of all. Following this, we discovered that underneath the earth's crust there are huge plates called tectonic plates which can cause natural disasters.

 Using food colouring and water to represent molten rock and polystyrene 'plates' we then investigated the different ways that tectonic plates move whilst learning about the natural disasters these movements can cause.


Week 1- Art

In Art this week we have been using charcoal and chalk to create different effects. We first investigated the different effects we could achieve by changing the pressure or angle of the chalk or charcoal, and also practiced our blending and layering skills. Having done this, we discovered that we were able to create all sorts of shades from our black and white.

 Using these skills we then created tornado pictures by blending and layering our charcoal and chalk. The finished results were striking!




Term 2 Homework Grid

WAGOLL Factors

WAGOLL Multiplication

WAGOLL Division

Term 2 Spellings