Welcome to Year 3!

The teachers in Year 3 are: (From left to right.)

Miss Plummer (USA class),Miss O'Brian and Miss Hoskins (Canada class) and Mr Whitbread (Mexico class). 


Mrs Lankester is our wonderful teaching assistant who works across all three classes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Welcome to 2018.

Watch out the Romans are coming!


Homework grid.  /docs/YEAR_3_HOMEWORK_GRID_TERM_3.docx

Term 3 Spellings


Phonics List Term 3




Maths to support our work with money today Canada class was turned into a shop!

A wide range of items was on sale, everything from plastic animals to Phonics reading books.

We all enjoyed finding different ways to spend our 50p and calculate the change.


This week we have continued to look at Tales of Wisdom and Wonder, thinking about the different morals in each story.

In Art we have been looking at Roman Mosaics








Class Dojo

This week all year three classes have signed up to class dojo! Class dojo allows children to earn points for fantastic learning and effort in school. It is great way to motivate the children to do their best and allows you to see how they are getting on!

Letters with instructions on how to join have been sent out, and we would love you to join in! Any questions, just ask your child's teacher.




What a wonderful start to the new year.  The children have all come back to school excited and ready to learn.

In Maths we have been using money.  We have been adding and subtracting money, using numberlines and base ten.  We have then applied our knowledge to solve money word problems.



In English we have started our new book 'Tales of Wisdom and Wonder'  This is a collection of short stories from different cultures. 

In History we have started to think about where the Romans fit in the History of Britain, and how their lives were different to the Celts.   We then discussed the different stories relating to the founding of Rome, thinking about which may be based on facts and which was a legend.

Below is one of the stories.  Which do you think it is and why?


We also had time to start learning a Rome song, while marching like a solider!



Star of the week!

Well done to Grace (Mexico), Frazer ( USA) and Isla (Canada) for winning Star of the Week, Who will it be next week??





Term 2 Homework





Check out our amazing homework.



Useful websites







Year three would like to wish all our children and families a wonderful Christmas.  A big thank you for the lovely presents and gifts. We really appreciate it.

We look forward to welcoming the children back in 2018!


Christmas week


Christmas arrives in Year 3.


On Tuesday we visited Christ the King Church to learn about the importance of Christmas and sing Christmas carols.  Many thanks to all the parents and Teaching Assistances who walked with us.  We couldn't have gone without your help.

Canada Class getting in the Christmas spirit.


On Friday we all had the opportunity to make Christmas crafts.


 Even with Christmas approaching will still fitted in some Maths!

Year three had a fantastic time at Christ the King church.




Ring Of Fire

This week we continued with our topic 'Extreme Earth. Mexico class learnt all about the 'Ring of Fire' discovering where the ring of volcanoes are located. We used Atlases to help us locate them and added them to our own maps.


As part of our Science Topic Canada and USA presented their forces information texts to Year 1.

Comments like 'Wow, I've learnt so much' and 'It's amazing finding out what the magnet sticks to'  were a delight to hear.



This week, year three have been creating structures using a variety of resources.  The aim is to see which structures would be stable enough to survive an earthquake.





Another busy and exciting week in Year 3.

In English we have started reading our last book for this term Arthur and the Golden Rope.


Image result for arthur and the golden rope


In Maths we have been using our knowledge to problem solve.


Canada Class braved the cold on Friday to work with Bristol Rugby.  They were very impressed with the children's team work and ball handling skills.  Kydn demonstrated how to organise his team, so they could defend against a team attack.


  The reds working hard defending.

In Science USA have created a game using magnets.



Week 4

This week has seen a week of wonderful story writing, using the text Oliver and the Seawigs, we wrote Stacey de Lacy and the Seawigs.  We also thought about a sequel to the story.  Here are some of our title suggestions;

'Iris and her adventures'   'The revenge of Stacey de Lacy'

'Oliver's summer holiday'

In maths we have been applying our knowledge of multiplication facts to solve problems using grid multiplication.



Canada class have also enjoyed playing a times table game to help learn their 4 and 8 times tables.   See Miss Hoskins in Canada class Wednesday- Friday if you would like a copy to support your child's learning.

In Science we investigated which objects were magnetic.

Science Challenge

Are all coins magnetic or not?  Does the year they were made affect whether or not they are magnetic?  Why might there be a difference?



In Art we created our own volcano pictures using a range of different mediums.


Week 3

Children in Need.  Thanks for all your donations.

Wow what a busy week in Year 3.

This week we had retired Stoke Lodge Teacher Sue Cale visit as part of our RE topic.  We are planning to visit Christ the King church on 12th Dec for carols.  Details to follow.


We also learnt about bullying using the Odd Socks song written and performed by Andy from Cbeebies.  Below are a few of the posters created by Canada and USA classes.



Science this week we investigated magnets.

The children learnt all about magnets. We learnt that magnets have different poles and how opposite poles attract!





Bristol Sport

Mexico class had a fantastic P.E, lesson with Bristol Sport this Friday.




To The Centre of the Earth!

In our 'Extreme Earth' topic this week, the children were learning all about the different layers of the Earth. We learnt about the crust, the mantle and the core. We looked at the inside of peaches to help  represent the different layers of the Earth. We then imagined we were drilling down to the centre of the Earth, and wrote a short story about our adventure, A fantastic afternoon of learning in year three.



Its division week!!  Say Hooray for Arrays. We have been working together to find out which numbers can be shared equally.



This week, year 3 have continued their work on forces by investigating friction. First of all, the children had a great time with the jelly challenge! We discovered that picking up jelly with chopsticks is tricky! But even trickier when you reduce the friction by adding oil!


We continued our friction learning by investigating which materials had the most and least friction with the help of a ramp and a toy car! We made predictions and discussed how to keep the experiment a fair test.

Fantastic learning and great scientific thinking. Well done, year three.


Week 1

Use the Force!

Year 3 started their new science topic this week: forces and magnets. We discussed how a force is a push or a pull and demonstrated different forces in action! Have a look.


The force is strong in Canada Class.  Which forces can you identify?



Mexico class demonstrating push and pull actions. We had lots of fun!




In English, we are the studying 'Oliver and the Seawigs' by Philip Reeve and Sarah Mcintrye. This week, we made predictions about what we thought the story was about based on the front cover; described some of the characters, and wrote a letter to Oliver! It has been great to read so much fantastic writing already in Term 2! Keep it up, Year 3.

We were also lucky enough to watch a performance of Wind in the Willows, by Image Productions.


We all decided the acting was brilliant and really funny.  A few of us were also lucky enough to join the actors on stage. 



 TERM 2 - Extreme Earth

Image result for volcanoImage result for tornado

 This term, Year 3 will be learning why our Earth is extreme! Children will learn all about how volcanoes are formed and what happens when they erupt. We will discover the different layers of the Earth, why earthquakes happens and how this affects people.

In science, we will be learning about forces and magnets. What is a force? Why is friction important?  How do we use magnets to help us?

In maths, we will be focusing on multiplication and division, exploring the 3s, 4s and 8s. We will also be learning how to use the grid method to solve more challenging multiplication problems.

In Art, we will be creating our own volcano and storm Art based on the artist Nick Rowland.

Are you ready to discover why we live on an 'Extreme Earth!?'

Term 1 Yabba Dabba Do

As we reached the end of term we compared the Stone Age to the Bronze Age.  Below is Isla's comparisons

 We all decided that although living in the Bronze Age was easier, we still prefer our life now.

 Thank you for supporting Canada class during their assembly.  Below our some of the photos we used. 



Useful History links





An excellent Game all about life as a Celt


We are Geologists


We are Historians



We are Cave Artists


We are learning about Place value



As part of our topic we will be learning about life in the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and the Celts.  Also we will be investigating Rocks and Soils.  We will also learn to create our own Cave Art and explore how to make natural paint!

Image result