Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

The teachers in year three are: Miss Wright (Canada class), Mr Davies (USA class) and Mr Whitbread (Mexico class).



Brilliant Bristol- Term 6

This term in Year 3 we will be learning about the fantastic city of Bristol! We will finding out about some of the famous people that have made this city so great.  We will be studying Bristol art by a very famous local artist.... and using our historical skills to find out about some of our local past. As well as this, we will be having  sports week where we will be getting very active! What an exciting term we have planned.









This term we'll be learning all about The Romans. From the gruesome facts of food they devoured to gladiators in the Colosseum and all the useful inventions that were either continued or lost through civilizations. 

We will be engrossed in designing and making mosaics, writing travel brochures (if you're interested in visiting Ancient Rome) and performing a play script of Romulus  and Remus!

Watch this space for images and pictures of your children's learning!



We have been looking at different mosaic designs and how The Romans used borders and geometric designs to make them look interesting. We designed our own mosaic and then made one using small card squares.