Welcome to Year 1!

The teachers in Year 1 are Miss Welfare, Miss Ansell and Miss Hoskins. Mrs Lacy, Mr Walsh, Mrs Baxter and Mrs Miles are our teaching assistants.



Super Hero Day for Bailey

We really enjoyed dressing up as our favourite superheroes to raise money for Bailey and his family. Can you spot which superheroes we are dressed up as?


Norway's School Trip to the Wild Place

Despite the rain we had the most fantastic day. We saw giraffes, lemurs meerkats, wolves and cheetahs. We also learnt all about Madagascar and animals which come from there. Some of us were even brave enough to touch a cockroach! We loved the play area and pretending to be meerkats. 


Our Term 6 topic is......


This term we will be learning all about our wonderful city of Bristol!

We will be learning about our local area and significant people who have helped make Bristol the place it is today. We will also be looking at a very famous artist called Banksy and we will have a go at recreating some of his art work. 


 Term 6 Homework 

Term 6 Homework Grid - Rock the Boat

Term 6 - Miss Welfare's Phonics Group - Word Lists

Term 6 - Miss Ansell's Phonics Group - Word Lists

Term 6 - Miss Hoskins Phonics Group - Word Lists


Animal Magic

Spain class have been enjoying their new Topic Animal Magic.  They have played in their vet/pet shop role play area and learnt different skills with clay to make clay animals.





Our Inventors Fair

We held an Inventors Fair with the inventions we had made at home.  Year 2 came to see our exhibits and find out what they could do!






Year 1 have worked hard all term to find out about halves and how many halves make a whole!



Spain Class - w/c 27 February

We enjoyed learning how to use a saw, glue gun and screw driver to join things together and take them apart.  We also explored how to make light bulbs and buzzers work.

We are all looking forward to our inventors fair at the end of this term, where we will be showing off our own inventions.






Spain Class - w/c 20 February

This week Spain Class have been using rulers and tape measures to measure items used in the classroom.


Term 4 Phonics Words (click the link to open the document)

Miss Hoskins/Mrs Farmer - Phonics - Term 4

Spain Class - w/c 23 January

This week Spain class have been learning about the Chinese New Year.  The Chinese New Year is not celebrated on the 1st of January.  It follows the lunar calendar and falls anytime between 21st January and 20th February.   This year it falls on 26th January, it is the Year of the Rooster.  To celebrate we have been making pointillism rooster pictures, Chinese lanterns and our own roosters.




Spain Class - w/c 16 January

This week Spain Class have been looking at materials.  We discussed names for different materials, looked at them around the classroom and then, as a group, sorted them into their different categories.  Spain Class did a fantastic job at recognising and sorting plastic from material and feather from paper!





Term 3 Phonics Words (click the link to open the document)

Miss Hoskins/Mrs Farmer Phonics Term 3

 Term 2 Phonics Words (click the link to open the document)

Miss Ansell

Miss Hoskins

Miss Welfare

Term 2 Homework Grid

Food, Glorious Food