Welcome to our new 2017-18 web page. Here we will keep you updated with our amazing learning and give you an insight into life at Stoke Lodge Primary School.


Firstly, let us introduce ourselves:

Wales Class - Mrs Power, Mrs James and Mrs Peregreen.

England Class - Mrs Dommett and Miss Carr.

Scotland Class - Mrs Reeves/Mrs Conie and Mrs Creese.



Science and DT Day - 4.7.18

We had a visit from some Engineering students from Airbus. We made paper aeroplanes to see how far they could fly. We watched a model of a wing and saw how it affected the air around it. We found out what happens when you throw a beach ball above a wind machine. It was lots of fun!! Back in our classrooms we designed and made our own paper kites.




Term 6

This term we have been learning about minibeasts. Each class had a delivery of caterpillars and we watched the lifecycle. This week they have hatched into beautiful butterflies and we have let them go under the oak tree.





Term 5 

This term we will be learning with a ROAR!!!!!!!!!

Our topic will be Dinosaurs and we will be reading about them, writing dinosaur facts, creating our own dinosaurs and generally doing lots of dinosaur learning.

If your children have any dinosaur books they would like to bring in and share we would be happy to look at them with the class.


Alongside our dinosaur topic, we are starting the term by investigating 2D and 3D shapes. This is learning that can easily be continued at home through shape hunts, junk modelling  and construction.





Under our topic of Journeys, we are currently reading Mrs Armitage on Wheels and the children have been designing their own bikes.  Here are some of our designs.




We are currently reading Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne. The story is set in Africa and the children have been tasting exotic fruit and learning about the animals from the story.

Following our Story Telling Café last week, here is a story map of the story. Your children should be able to tell you the story using the pictures as prompts. Please let us know how they get on. 





Welcome to 2018. We are pleased that the children have come back excited and ready to learn.

Our next topic will be based on the Biscuit Bear book by Mini Grey. 


Wales Class are very excited to welcome Mrs James to the team. The children have helped her settle in and have enjoyed having her in the classroom. We look forward to many exciting adventures together.





We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you so much for your continued support. The children have had a busy, happy lead up to Christmas. Here are some of them enjoying their time at the Christmas Disco.



We had a fantastic time using the book Room on the Broom in our learning. We took part in lots of exciting activities including potion making, wand designing and creating our own broomsticks. Here are photos of some of us acting out the story.



Can you guess what our next book is?





On Tuesday 31st October we had a nature workshop with the RSPB. We started with a story about hedgehogs and then went out onto the field to search for colour in nature.







Our learning  

Over the next few weeks we will be using the book The Leopard's Drum to inspire our learning. We are really interested in Africa and wild animals and can't wait to share some of our learning with you here.



We will also be counting different objects and actions. Using Numicon, we will learn how the different numbers look and we will order the numbers and discuss our reasons and choices.