Kitchen Update

We’re pleased to confirm that the school kitchen will be fully operational  effective Monday 16th April 2018, including the hot meal option. This decision has been made with the full approval of the Environmental Health Officer. We wanted to take this opportunity to re-clarify a few points that we understand may not have been clear:

  • The Environmental Health Officer did not request for the kitchen to be closed. This decision was taken by us as a precautionary measure because we made the judgement that there was a possibility of contamination and felt that it was right to err on the side of caution. The Environmental Health Officer is entirely satisfied with our robust and  proactive approach.
  • Evidence has been located of one isolated rodent only; there is no suggestion of a wider infestation, or indeed any issue whasoever in any other part of the school.
  • Our kitchen received a routine Environmental Health Office visit on the 8th March and were given five stars out of five for our policies, procedures and working practices. Sadly, isolated issues like this are not uncommon in older buildings and we can only act on the advice of professional organisations who specialise in these areas.

Nontheless, we have decided to put in place some additional improvements and preventative measures in the kitchen. This includes maintanence to the ceiling tiles, rectifying some minor gaps in floor sufaces and replacing the extraction fan. We will of course continue to monitor the situation closely in the coming weeks.

I would like to thank our staff for their hard work and dedication this week; they worked well beyond the call of duty on Tuesday to provide as much food as they could in a very short timescale. Sometimes we need to make difficult decisions in unexpected circumstances and it is encouraging to know that our staff will always go the extra mile to meet the children’s needs.

Thank you to all the supportive comments we have received from families this week; we do appreciate them and apologise that we are unable to respond to them all individually.


Nicki Antwis